At Wire Belt we offer Flat-Flex belting which has numerous advantages that help contain
costs and increase productivity for your business.

Our Flat-Flex belting has a design of woven wire belting that is positively driven through the
belt. This has advantages for your system, giving it a great flow-through and tracking
properties. Here are some more advantages of Flat-Flex Belting for you business:


As the name suggests, our Flat-Flex belt has great flexibility which gives it a wide array of
applications. Its excellent flexibility means the belt can negotiate transfer shafts as small as
.375”. Also, the open area of each pitch size is around 80%, this means it is a great choice
where circulation of liquids, dry coatings, air or gas is important around products on the

Flat-Flex is manufactured in stainless steel 1.4310 (302) or music wire. So that your belts can
be suited to their specific applications, more than 60 different pitch and wire combinations are
available. You can read here for more information on Flat-Flex belt applications.

Open Design

Another advantage of our Flat-Flex belts is their open design. It allows a wide variety of
products to be conveyed hygienically. In addition, the low belt mass helps your business
contain costs and maximize efficiency.

An example of Flat-Flex use is in the chocolate manufacturing industry, where the belts are
used for the chocolate coating of products for either full or half coat operations. During the
coating process, the open design allows surplus chocolate to pass through the belt and be
pumped back into re-circulation.

Specialty Belt

Our Flat-Flex belts can also be produced to your specifications as specialty belts. These are
custom-made and produced by our experienced engineers to fit your exact specifications.
This can be useful to you if you have a complex product that requires careful or special
handling. Or perhaps you need to move your product along steep inclines while keeping it
aligned. Whatever your need, Wire Belt can help.

Flat-Flex Belting with Wire Belt

At Wire Belt we design and create belts for a huge range of applications including
automotive brake pads, electronic circuit boards, chocolates, bagels, fried snack foods and
many other applications.

Do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to take on any type of application that you
have in mind, we will find the right solution for your business. With over 100 years of
knowledge, you can rely on Wire Belt, the most trusted name in the industry.

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