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What Is Compact-Grid?

Compact-Grid from Wire Belt, is a top quality stainless-steel conveyor belt made for all industries, so we are going to provide seven reasons as to why it’s the perfect conveyor belt type for the baking industry.

1. Superior Product Support

Compact-Grid is designed to support smaller products for applications such as enrobing chocolate or baking snacks like pretzels and crackers. This means that it is reliable and durable through demanding operations and highly sanitized environments.

Click here to watch Compact-Grid in a chocolate donut coating operation

2. 70% Open Area

Another plus is that it allows for excellent drainage in coating operations, such as breading, battering and glazing processes. It also provides exceptional flow-through properties for heating and cooling applications. Compact-Grid is the perfect solution for getting bread rolls and breadsticks covered in butter and garlic and then off to your customers in the quickest possible time frame.

3. Simple & Easy To Join

Compact-Grid’s design is why it’s a customer favorite, not just for installation, but for when maintenance is needed too. Our engineers here at Wirebelt designed this conveyor belt to be one of the easiest to join in the industry. This can be done with our Compact-Grid Joining Tool Kit.

Click here to watch a 1-minute video on how easy Compact-Grid is to install, or as mentioned above, you can download a PDF of our Joining Instructions.

4. Sprocket Driven Tracking

The positive drive design provides excellent belt tracking and offers three different styles of drive components to help make your Compact-Grid run at its best. Which sprocket you need will depend upon your belt size and specifications. Thankfully, we have the very best technical service experts that can help you choose what’s best for your belt. All sprockets are made with the highest hygienic standards in mind and will provide the maximum support for consistent conveying.

5. USDA Accepted

Compact-Grid is designed to be clean-in-place, so there is no need to remove the belt for sanitation. There are no areas for product particles to be trapped, making the process that much more efficient while saving you time and money.

Download USDA-Accepted Certification PDF

6. Edges That Don’t Catch, With C-CureEdge®

With our C-CureEdge® design, Compact-Grid belt edges will not catch, which will lessen maintenance and downtime. The C-shaped edge loops help prevent catching during install and operating, especially when it’s a tight conveyor-to-conveyor transfer. This style edge gives Compact-Grid an added layer of safety and minimizes risk.

7. Available With Flights

Moving product up or down an incline? Compact-Grid can be fitted with flights that are able to be customized in order to accommodate different widths and heights, to better serve product variations. The flights are also designed with through-holes and side vents, allowing for peak hygienic drainage for drying after cleaning and sanitizing. Compact-Grid has been proven in field testing to outlast most belts and Compact-Grid flights can easily replace flighted plastic modular belts.

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