Wire Belt – Expert Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Belt Blog > April 21, 2023

Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Background We at Wire Belt Company of America are a leading conveyor belt manufacturer for a wide

What Can Our Straight Conveyors Offer Your Business?

Belt Blog > March 22, 2023

Straight Conveyors Designed For Your Application We at Wire Belt Company of America manufacture a range of conveyor belts and

Why Our Specialty Belts Are Great For Specific Industries

Belt Blog > February 28, 2023

What Are Speciality Belts? Wire Belt Company of America, is the leading manufacturer of stainless steel conveyor belts that are

Wire Belt Grows The Compact-Grid Conveyor Belt Line With Compact-Grid 15mm

Belt Blog > February 2, 2023

Wire Belt has launched another mesh of Compact-Grid conveyor belt with CG15, an addition to the Compact-Grid family, as a

Introducing Our Flat-Flex XT Conveyor Belt

Belt Blog > January 18, 2023

What Is The Flat-Flex XT? The Flat-Flex XT is a type of conveyor belt made by Wire Belt Company of

What Benefits Can Our Versa-Link Conveyor Belt Bring To Your Production Line?

Belt Blog > December 15, 2022

How Does The Versa-Link Conveyor Belt Work? Wire Belt offers many products, such as conveyor belts, conveyors and conveyor belt

How Our C-CureEdge Technology Helps To Improve Conveyor Belt Safety

Belt Blog > November 30, 2022

What Is C-CureEdge Technology & How Does It Work? At Wire Belt, one of the most highly recommended products we

How Can Our EZ-Splice Joining Strand Extend Your Belt’s Life?

Belt Blog > October 13, 2022

What Are EZ-Splice Joining Strands? Here at Wire Belt, we offer a range of high quality conveyor belt products and

7 Reasons Why Compact-Grid Is The Perfect Belt For Baking

Belt Blog > September 16, 2022

What Is Compact-Grid? Compact-Grid from Wire Belt, is a top quality stainless-steel conveyor belt made for all industries, so we are

Conveyor Belt Services Wire Belt Provides

Belt Blog > June 22, 2022

Wire Belt understands the importance of the efficient operation of your conveyor equipment and systems to your business. To enable

3 Conveyor Belts to Improve Your Processes Performance

Belt Blog > May 12, 2022

You may know us for our Flat-Flex® style conveyor belts, but did you know Wire Belt has arange of conveyor

Conveyor Belt Failure and Maintenance

Belt Blog > April 21, 2022

How long should this belt last?  Metal conveyor belts by their nature have a finite life. The factors that affect

5 Tips to Make Your Conveyor Belts Last Longer

Belt Blog > March 3, 2022

Are your conveyor belts failing prematurely? Most issues with conveyor belts are caused by their environment, running conditions, and lack

The Benefits of Eye-Flex® Conveyor Belting

Belt Blog > February 7, 2022

What is Eye-Flex® Conveyor Belt? If your business needs a long-lasting, rugged, and durable belt, then Wire Belt’s Eye-Flex® conveyor

The Specifications and Advantages of Flex-Turn® Conveyors

Belt Blog > January 13, 2022

What is a Flex-Turn® Conveyor?  Our Flex-Turn® Conveyor is a versatile solution with many applications. The conveyor is available in

The Applications of Ladder-Flex™ Conveyors

Belt Blog > December 6, 2021

At Wire Belt we have been providing businesses with great solutions to all their conveying challenges for over 60 years. 

The Benefits of Compact-Grid™ Conveyor Belting

Belt Blog > November 11, 2021

What is Compact-Grid™ conveyor belting?  Compact-Grid™ conveyor belting is a stainless-steel belt with many benefits and applications. Its primary use

The Advantages of Flat-Flex Belting

Belt Blog > October 18, 2021

At Wire Belt we offer Flat-Flex belting which has numerous advantages that help containcosts and increase productivity for your business.

The Benefits of Hygienic Conveyors for your Business

Belt Blog > September 23, 2021

The use of conveyors in industries such as pharmaceuticals and food processing can raise hygiene concerns. At Wire Belt we

Ladder-Flex Conveyor

Belt Blog > September 30, 2020

The spreading, converging and diverging conveyors For more than 60 years we have been bringing solutions to difficult conveying challenges.

How Can Eye-Flex® Be Configured?

Belt Blog > September 30, 2020

As standard, Eye-Flex® belting is supplied with reinforcing plates at the edge, with drive being provided by specially formed sprockets

How To Choose The Correct Conveyor: Important Features To Keep In Mind

Belt Blog > June 16, 2020

Food processing, automotive, electronics, textiles or other – choosing the correct conveyor for your organisation is vital to the overall

The Best Conveyor Systems You Can Rely On

Belt Blog > November 13, 2019

Discover our top-performing conveyor systems that are brilliantly designed for your application.  Hygiene, easy maintenance and reliable operation are just