Are you struggling to identify your Flat-Flex® wire mesh conveyor belt? Have you had little or even no experience with Flat-Flex wire mesh conveyor belts? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Identifying a Flat-Flex® conveyor belt is actually very easy. It involves several key steps to ensure you collect accurate information for identifying your wire belt mesh. By following our comprehensive guide below, you can easily gather the necessary information to determine your mesh of Flat-Flex® wire conveyor belt. All you need are a couple of simple tools before you begin: a tape measure and a set of calipers or a wire gauge.

Step 1: Measure The Overall Width Of Your Wire Belt

Start by measuring the overall width of the Flat-Flex® wire mesh conveyor belt in inches from the outside edge to the outside edge. Make sure to measure from the outside edge of the belt end loops so you get the actual overall width of the belt.

Step 2: Count Wire Strands

Count the number of wire strands in a 12-inch length of the belt. This count will determine the exact pitch of the wire mesh conveyor belt, which is the distance from each woven strand of wire to the next, in terms of wire strands per foot.

Step 3: Measure Wire Diameter

Using a set of calipers or a wire gauge, measure the diameter of the wire strand.

Step 4: Check Loop Edges

Inspect the belt to see if it has single loop edges, C-Cure Edge®, or double loop edges. Measure the width of the loop edges.

Step 5: Count Rectangular Openings

Count the number of rectangular openings (spaces) across the width of the belt.

Step 6: Check For Equal Width

Determine if all the spaces are of equal width. Occasionally, end spaces may differ in width from the middle spaces.

Step 7: Determine Belt Material

Identify the belt material. The most common materials are stainless steel and music wire. Music wire exhibits a strong magnetic attraction, while stainless steel has only a slight magnetic attraction. Use a magnet to distinguish between the two materials.

Step 8: Contact Your Wire Belt Representative

Once you have collected the information outlined above, please contact a Wire Belt representative so that we can determine your mesh of Flat-Flex® wire conveyor belt. Not sure who your local Wire Belt Representative is? You can find your local representative by clicking here, or you can call (603) 644-2500 to speak with an Account Manager.

By following these steps, you have gathered the information we need to confidently identify your Flat-Flex® wire mesh conveyor belt. Should you have any questions or require additional guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Wire Belt for your conveyor belting needs! To download this guide as a PDF click here.

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