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If you require a unique belt or conveyor to deliver the best conveyor performance, we will not hesitate to recommend, design and deliver a totally customized solution for your application. Our goal is your complete satisfaction with the performance of our products. We are confident we can provide the right belt, sprockets and other components you need.

Conveyor Belts



The proven hygienic conveyor belt technology
Flat-Flex<sup>®</sup> XT<sup>®</sup>

Flat-Flex® XT®

Extra strength and extra support


Fast and simple belt joining


Heavy-Duty metal modular conveyor belt


Link your belt in little time


Open design for efficient operation
Specialty Belts

Specialty Belts

For products that require special handling


Engineered for cooling tortillas


Prevent belt catching and improve safety
Flex Turn<sup>®</sup> Belts

Flex Turn® Belts

Maintain product orientation and spacing around corners


Flex-Turn<sup>®</sup> Conveyors

Flex-Turn® Conveyors

Compact design solves tight production line space problems
Straight Conveyors

Straight Conveyors

Custom designed for your application
Ladder-Flex<sup>™</sup> Conveyors

Ladder-Flex Conveyors

Spreading, converging and diverging conveyors

Drive Components

Drive Components

Drive Components

Keeping your lines running
PEEK Components

PEEK Components

High performance drive components
Clean-Sweep Sprockets

Clean-Sweep Sprockets

Deflect buildup and lengthen life


EZ-Splice<sup>®</sup> Joining Strand

EZ-Splice® Joining Strand

Longer belt life, stronger belt joints
Compact-Grid<sup>™</sup> Joining Tool

Compact-Grid Joining Tool

The tool that makes crimping simple
Conveyor Belt Joining Clips

Conveyor Belt Joining Clips

Available in one space and three space units
Belt Joining Tubes

Belt Joining Tubes

Create a hybrid join between a full strand weave and the use of joining clips
Wire Straightening Tool

Wire Straightening Tool

Designed to work with Flat-Flex® and Flat-Flex® XT® belts
Belt Maintenance Tools

Belt Maintenance Tools

Maintenance tools for easy removal, repair or installation of metal conveyor belts

Ladder Chain

Ladder Chain

Ladder Chain

Ladder Chain - Custom Manufactured, High Quality