Longer belt life, stronger belt joints

Using EZ-Splice® belt joining strand during installation will dramatically extend your belt life! Belt installations that are rushed and improperly made are often the cause of belt breakage and downtime. EZ-Splice® is a pre-formed, pre-bent joining strand that requires no bending or weaving during installation. This helps to prevent any weak spots in the belt joint.

The EZ-Splice® Crimping Pliers are required for crimping EZ-Splice® strands.

EZ-Splice<sup>®</sup> Joining Strand

EZ-Splice® joining strand advantages:

  • Stronger belt joints for longer belt life
  • Save time and money by reducing repair time
  • Replaces the traditional full strand joining method of lacing and weaving
  • Join your belt up to 20 times faster than traditional full strand joining
  • Works with our C-CureEdge® Flat-Flex® belts

EZ-Splice® joining strands are available for these belts:


  • 42 X .062
  • 42 X .050
  • 32 X .082
  • 24 X .110
  • 24 X .092
  • 24 X .072
  • 15 X .092

Flat-Flex® XT®

  • 24 X .072 XT
  • 32 X .072 XT

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