Conveyor Belt Maintenance Tools

Wire Belt Company offers a range of belt maintenance tools for easy removal, repair or installation of metal conveyor belts.  All tools are packaged in a reusable storage sleeve to help maintain the tools precision and cleanliness.

Belt Maintenance Tools

Wire Straighteners

Essential for joining and maintenance of Flat-Flex Belting

  • High quality wire straightening tool
  • Remove distortions in the wire and adjust Z-bends
  • Perfect for opening and closing C-Cure edge loops
  • Suitable for wire diameters from .035″ to .092″

Universal Cutting Pliers

For cutting all Flat-Flex Belting

  • Micro-structured cutting edge suitable for cutting all Flat-Flex belting including .157″ wire diameter.
  • The compound lever design gives good mechanical advantage, enabling high tensile wire to be cut with low handle loads.  As a result, operator fatigue in a repetitive situation is greatly reduced.
  • Gripping surface below the joint suitable for wire diameters from .035″
  • Multi-component handles with integrated spring return and locking device
  • Fully heat-treated, chemically blackened jaws.
  • Manufactured to DIN ISO 5743:2004

Fine Wire Cutting Pliers

For cutting fine wire Flat-Flex wire belting

  • Suitable for use with high tensile music wire belts
  • Slim profile head for cutting tightly-pitched belts common to chocolate enrobing processes
  • Leverage reduces force expenditure by 40%
  • Spring return
  • Manufactured to DIN ISO 5747:1995

Micro Shear Wire Cutters

For cutting stainless steel Flat-Flex belting

  • The self sharpening design gives good mechanical advantage enabling wire to be cut with no loss of sharpness
  • Compact design with spring return, heat treated and chemically blackened
  • Suitable for wire diameters up to .050″

EZSplice Multi-Head Profiling Pliers

For use with EZSplice joining strands

  • Individual heads for each pitch and wire combination within the EZSplice range
  • Crimps joining strand to ensure a secure belt join with a flat carrying surface
  • Prevents “over-crimping”

CompactGrid Pliers Set

For joining CompactGrid Belting

  • Custom designed CompactGrid Tool kit to make splicing as simple and easy as possible
  • Each tool kit contains two CG-Splice Levers, and one set of CG-Splice Pliers.
  • The tools are designed to help align and crimp the belt into place.
  • The tools provides a perfectly shaped crimp, making the splice joint complete without damaging surrounding wire strands or over-crimping the splice strand.

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