Conveyor Belt Manufacture

Conveyor belt manufacture is a complex and multifaceted operation that involves several stages of production, each crucial to creating a durable and efficient product. These belts are essential components in various industries, from automotive to food processing, making their production an extremely important process.

In this blog post, we at Wire Belt Company of America are going to take a closer look at the points that a conveyor belt manufacturer needs to focus on during the production process.


When manufacturing a conveyor belt, the first and possibly most important step is choosing the correct materials. For example, our Flat-Flex conveyor belts are made from the highest quality stainless and carbon steel, allowing them to perform in challenging environments (E.g. High temperatures).


Design is another important consideration when it comes to conveyor belt manufacture. The appropriate dimensions, thickness, patterns, etc must be chosen to ensure that the belt can transport its products as efficiently as possible.


When assembling the belt, features such as pockets or flights may be integrated to customize the belt’s performance. This could include rows or specialized product separation strands. The belt can be cut to the desired length, as well as being joined together if needed.

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