What Is A Ladder-Track Conveyor Belt?

Here at Wire Belt Company of America, one of our simple but most effective conveyor belts is our Ladder-Track conveyor belt. It is efficient to operate, requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean, making it the perfect choice for businesses in the baking industry. When it comes to transporting, heating and cooling goods, the belt excels in this area also.

In this blog post, we will take a look at the Ladder-Track conveyor belt in more detail and examine the benefits that it provides to bakeries.

Advantages To Bakeries

Due to being positively sprocket driven and its lightweight nature, the Ladder-Track conveyor belt is a great fit for many environments, especially the baking industry. Below you will find some advantages that this belt brings to bakeries:

  • Flat Uniform Surface – This allows products to be handled gently, something that is paramount in the baking industry.
  • High Tensile Rods – These allow the belt to resist permanent distortion, thus reducing downtime.
  • Positive Drive – This ensures that no tracking issues will occur.
  • Smooth Edges – Goods being transported can move easily around radial bends thanks to these.
  • Easy To Assemble/Disassemble – Should the belt need to be moved, this process is much more efficient in comparison to other conveyor belts.

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Thank you for engaging with this blog post, we hope you found it useful and now know more about our Ladder-Track conveyor belt. If your bakery is in need of one of these belts, please do not hesitate to contact us today at Wire Belt Company of America so that we can discuss your requirements further.

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