How Does The Versa-Link Conveyor Belt Work?

Wire Belt offers many products, such as conveyor belts, conveyors and conveyor belt accessories. Versa-Link is one of our USDA-accepted, stainless steel conveyor belts. It helps to make conveyor belt joining as straightforward and stress free as possible, thus saving a lot of time and increasing production line efficiency.

Versa-Link can join in under 30 seconds without the use of any tools. What’s more, thanks to our forged edge technology, there are no catch points, making it an excellent choice for product transfers. It is also easy to clean and extremely durable, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your production line.

Versa-Link Conveyor Belt Benefits

There are many benefits to Versa-Link, all of which are extremely advantageous to a range of different industries. We at Wire Belt have created a list below to showcase a some of these benefits:

  • Joins in under 30 seconds
  • Edge of the belt has no catch points or welds
  • The belt’s life is twice that of its competitors, thanks to its durability
  • No special tools are needed to install the belt
  • Excellent for belt tracking
  • Up to 81% open area, allowing for optimal flow through
  • Great for tight transfers
  • USDA accepted
  • Available in ⅜” and ½” pitch
  • Available up to 150 inches wide

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