What Is C-CureEdge Technology & How Does It Work?

At Wire Belt, one of the most highly recommended products we offer is our C-CureEdge Technology. It helps to bring a range of advantages to the conveyor belt (More on these later) but none more so than the improvement in safety conditions. The technology comes in the form of C-shaped edged loops and these work to prevent catching while the conveyor belt is being operated.

C-CureEdge Technology is especially important for tight conveyor-to conveyor transfers. The C-shaped edged loops allow contact to be significantly reduced meaning that there is a much smaller chance of catching occurring and the production process being halted. This goes to show just how important C-CureEdge Technology is to conveyor belt efficiency as well as safety, making it a must-have for any business that prides themselves on speed and quality of production.
Our C-CureEdge Technology is available in a range of sizes for Flat-Flex and Flat-Flex XT conveyor belts, while also coming built-in to our Compact-Grid belts. To find out more, please fill in the inquiry form on our C-CureEdge Technology page or call us today on (603) 644-2500.

C-Cure Technology Advantages

As mentioned above, the main benefit that C-Cure Technology brings is its ability to improve conveyor belt safety, but this is not all. Please see below for the full range of advantages that the technology has to offer:

  • Designed for tight conveyor to-conveyor transfers
  • Significantly reduces edge loop catching
  • Increases flexibility and lessens stress on the edge of the belt
  • Decreases risk of accidents
  • Available on most Flat-Flex conveyor belts
  • Compatible with our EZ-Splice belt joining strand

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