At Wire Belt we have been providing businesses with great solutions to all their conveying challenges for over 60 years. 

One of our many successes is our Spreader/Converger conveyor which we launched 30 years ago, now known as Ladder-Flex™ Conveyors

Ladder-Flex™ Conveyor Design 

At the time, our Ladder-Flex™ conveyors were designed for the confectionary industry. There are instances where products must be separated into lanes to avoid sticking during the enrobing process. In response to this our Ladder-Flex™ conveyors have proven to be the perfect solution for on-the-move processors. 

Spreading, converging and sorting products using conveyors is fundamental to a variety of industries. With this in mind, the design of the Ladder-Flex™ conveyor is able to resolve many processing problems. For example, the need for a change of belt width to suit various proprietary equipment. 

Ladder-Flex™ Conveyors in the Confectionary Industry 

Ladder-Flex™ conveyors are also put to good use in the confectionery industry for a range of products that require separation and spreading before being processed. 

Often after processing, the confectionary product may need to be converged to narrower width belting before cooling or packaging. Ladder-Flex™ can also accommodate coated products that need to be separated to avoid any sticking during the enrobing process. 

Spreading and Converging 

Wire Belt’s non-slip Ladder-Flex™ conveyors are capable of spreading or converging through the use of narrow width strands of single space stainless steel belting. 

The standard Ladder-Flex™ design is a ‘fan-type’ spreader or converger. This positions products evenly on each side of the center of the conveyor. 

We also offer a range of other configurations to fit other requirements. For example, chains can be arranged into individual lanes to spread or converge product from specific infeed positions.

The Advantages of Ladder-Flex™ Conveyors 

In addition to the design benefits outlined above, here are some other advantages that make our conveyors stand out: 

● Custom-designed to accommodate your specific processing application

● Non-slip, positive drive 

● Tight transfers with adjacent conveyors and processing equipment

● Easy to clean and maintain 

● Smooth, gentle product handling for fragile products 

If you would like more information, we have a full list of the benefits of Ladder-Flex conveyors™

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