What is Eye-Flex® Conveyor Belt?

If your business needs a long-lasting, rugged, and durable belt, then Wire Belt’s Eye-Flex® conveyor belting is perfect for you. The modular design of Eye-Flex® consists of steel cross rods and reinforcing plates. These contribute to the high pull strength of the belt and support a highly customizable array of wire links which provide Eye-Flex®’s product carrying surface.

What benefits can this belt offer?

The Eye-Flex® belt has almost unlimited application possibilities due to its modular design and customizable wire link surface. The carrying surface layout can be specified independently of the load requirements.

One role that it is ideal for is high load applications in hygiene sensitive environments. Its open construction allows for easy clean-in-place wash down procedures, which reduces the burden on hygiene teams.

Furthermore, Eye-Flex®‘s panel design provides a flat and stable carrying surface. This also makes it suitable for applications such as canning and pasteurization where the product toppling is a risk.

Finally, Eye-Flex® is a positively driven belt, reducing the requirement for maintenance teams to accurately track and tension the belt system when compared to friction driven alternatives.

What are the common applications of Eye-Flex®?

Eye-Flex® has a wide variety of applications and can be found in roles such as water-dredging/filtration, degreasing, recycling, and sorting.

It is often used in the food industry for heat sensitive applications such as ovens, fryers, coolers, and freezers. If the conveyor length or product load needs a belt with great pull strength, Eye-Flex® can be employed as a transfer belt.

How can an Eye-Flex belt be configured?

Eye-Flex® is supplied with reinforcing plates at the edge as standard, drive being provided by specially formed sprockets that engage with the underside of the belt. It can also be supplied with side chains as an alternative drive method for enhanced tracking and reliability.

  • Eye-Flex® has a standard construction based on a straight modular form with wire links stacked next to one another. Eye-Flex® without spacers is simple to construct and can be easily repaired with minimal cost.
  • Eye-Flex® belting with underside welded wires provides the largest range of available gap widths, up to 50mm. Under welded wire spacing makes cleaning and sanitation easy and more efficient.
  • Eye-Flex® belting with ring spacers provides an alternative method of increasing the gap width. The gap is set by one or more rings placed between adjacent links on the cross rod. The gap width is determined by the number and thickness of rings used.
  • Eye-Flex® belting with spring spacers provide a more dimensionally stable belt in heating or freezing applications. The link gap is maintained because the wires can move on the cross rod. Springs also expose a large proportion of the connecting rod for easier cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Flights are available on Eye-Flex® belts to aid in product alignment, separation, or loading. They can also be used to form a barrier across the belt width which can help transport up inclines. Other styles of flights can hold products in place. The flights can be bolted, welded in place, or formed directly into the wire.
  • Eye-Flex belts can also be equipped with side guards to prevent products falling off the side of the belt. The height and shape can be customized to your needs.

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