You may know us for our Flat-Flex® style conveyor belts, but did you know Wire Belt has a
range of conveyor belts that can benefit your systems performance in many different industries. Our conveyor belts come in a variety of styles and specifications to match whatever application you require.

With more than 60 years of experience manufacturing conveyors and conveyor belts, we are confident that our belts can help your business improve its processes and efficiencies.

Compact-Grid™ | maximize product support

Compact-Grid™ conveyor belts are perfect for improving support of small products. You
can also reduce cleaning time with Compact-Grid’s 70% open surface area, making it a great choice for heating, cooling and coating operations.

Compact-Grid comes with a range of benefits. It is lighter than many comparable belts, and there are no places for particles to become trapped or build up. Under heavy loads the belt will still run straight due to its no-slip positive drive, the highest standard in belt tracking.

You can read our blog for more information on the benefits of Compact-Grid™ conveyor
and how it can help your conveyor process. You can also contact us for more
information or to request a quote.

Eye-Flex® | heavy-duty conveyor belt

With Eye-Flex conveyor belts you can take advantage of an extremely robust and long-lasting belt which is perfect for heavy duty conveying. Completely customizable, Eye-Flex has almost unlimited configurations available to help your businesses’ needs.

Flights and side guards can be added for product orientation and handling requirements. There are also a variety of drive options that can be applied, including cage rollers, positive drive sprockets, and an optional chain edge drive.

Finally, Eye-Flex’s flat carrying surface and high strength make it an ideal choice for any heavy-duty conveyor belt applications you have in mind. For more details you can read the benefits of eye flex conveyor belting on our website.

Versa-Link® | simplified belt joining

Installation is simple and easy with Versa-Link® conveyor belts. The belt’s Advanced Link Rods can be joined to the belt in as quick as 30 seconds without the need for tools. Furthermore, it has an easy to clean design, with an up to 81% open area which also provides maximum flow-through for heating and cooling.

You will not have to worry about catch points, as Versa-Link’s Forged Edge Technology creates an edge that is flush with the side of the belt. You can have a look at our Versa-Link product page for more information or to request a quote.

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