Conveyor Belt Manufacturing Background

We at Wire Belt Company of America are a leading conveyor belt manufacturer for a wide range of industries. Our conveyor belts are used in food processing, electronics manufacture, automotive production and many other applications where material handling is required. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the conveyor belts that we produce.

Types Of Conveyor Belts

Flat-Flex Conveyor Belts

Flat-Flex conveyor belts have been a popular choice for the food processing industry for many, many years. These belts are made of stainless steel wire mesh and can be made to different widths and pitches to fit specific applications. They have a flat surface that allows for easy product transfer and can withstand high temperatures, making them ideal for use in ovens, fryers and other heat-intensive applications.

Ladder-Track Conveyor Belts

Ladder-Track conveyor belts are driven by sprockets and are used in straight running applications. Much like Flat-Flex conveyor belts, these types of conveyor belts are known for being extremely customizable and can fit many types of applications. For example, they can be designed with a wider opening to allow themselves to be easily cleaned. This is why this belt is highly prevalent in the food industry and in particular bakeries. They also have smooth carrying surfaces to ensure the efficient transportation of products.

Conveyor Belt Feature: C-CureEdge

C-CureEdge is an innovative edge loop that’s available on many Flat-Flex and Flat-Flex XT conveyor belts, it also comes as standard on Compact-Grid conveyor belts. This unique design features a C-shaped edge that helps to reduce the risk of catching or snagging during product transfer. The C-CureEdge technology also provides a smooth, continuous edge along the entire length of the belt, which eliminates the need for additional guarding or covers to protect workers and products. The C-Cure Edge technology also works seamlessly with our EZ-Splice belt joining strand.

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