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What Are EZ-Splice Joining Strands?

Here at Wire Belt, we offer a range of high quality conveyor belt products and our EZ-Splice Joining Strand is one of our most popular items. The purpose of the EZ-Splice Joining Strand is to ensure that conveyor belt installations are as straightforward as can be. This means that there is a much lower chance of the belt breaking, thus extending its life.

We would also like to mention that the EZ-Splice is pre-formed and pre-bent meaning that no weaving or bending needs to take place during the fitting process. As a result, weak spots within the belt will no longer occur.

What Is The Installation Process?

Below we will explain how our EZ-Splice Joining Strand assists with the conveyor belt installation process. However, if you feel that you would benefit more from seeing it in action, please click here to check out our EZ-Splice video on the Wire Belt YouTube channel.

Before the fitting process can begin, please ensure that any tension on the belt is loosened. This is extremely important as a tight conveyor belt is much more prone to damage. After this is done you can start by hooking both edges of the EZ-Splice Joining Strand into the belt, when doing this make sure the EZ-Splice is facing in the correct direction of travel.

Next, attach the EZ-Splice to the other side of the belt. It helps to tilt the EZ-Splice when doing this to ensure that it is locked into the correct spaces. Finally, use the EZ-Splice Crimping Pliers to crimp the belt’s Z-bends, reversing the direction of the pliers with each crimp.

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