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Compact-Grid 10 & 15mm

We at Wire Belt Company of America are excited to share the newest addition to the Compact-Grid conveyor belt line, with our Compact-Grid 15mm mesh. One of the major differences between the 10 and 15mm meshes is a 3% increase in open surface area, going from 70% to 73%. The design makes both meshes equally efficient for many applications of large and small proportions. They also both excel in applications such as heating, coating, frying, baking and much more. The superb belt tracking hasn’t changed either from the Compact-Grid 10 to 15, but now with stronger wires and a larger mesh, it just means it’s even more equipped to handle heavier loads.

What Applications Can You Find The Compact-Grid 15 Being Used In?

The Compact-Grid 15 has been an efficient solution implemented into many processes since its launch. For example, the larger mesh was installed in a plant in North Carolina, replacing a less than efficient belt being run in a chicken fryer.  

In Ohio, the Compact-Grid 15 is also being used by another customer in a shrink wrap machine that processes dog shampoo bottles. These bottles come packaged in threes, and Compact-Grid 15’s larger diameter coupled with stronger wire, makes it the perfect solution for many kinds of applications and items of different shapes and sizes. Our USDA-Accepted stainless steel conveyor belt is known for replacing plastic belts and that is exactly what happened in this customer’s process. Another style mesh belt and plastic belt had previously been failing in this application, therefore the customer turned to the Compact-Grid 15 and has had no further issues.

Additional Compact-Grid 15mm Advantages

  • USDA-Accepted 
  • Belt joining is fast and simple
  • No welds as in competitive style belts
  • No places for product particles to be trapped
  • Lighter weight than many comparable belts

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